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Samurai Swords For Sale  :: Masahiro Samurai :: Masahiro Samurai Sword Sharpening Kit

Masahiro Samurai Sword Sharpening Kit #japanese-swords-masahiro-sword-s
Masahiro Samurai Sword Sharpening Kit  Masahiro Samurai Sword Sharpening Kit

Sick of your swords going dull on you? Can't find the right stones to sharpen your battle worn katana? Well look no further! Masahiro has put together a sword sharpening kit so that you can keep all of your katanas in top cutting shape.

Masahiro Sword Sharpening Kit Features:

Package Includes:
1. Double sides whetstone in a wooden box, plus a small bottle of samurai sword blade oil :
One side (dark color side) is Rough Grain Whetstone #400: For removing large chips and imperfections from samurai swords.
One side (bright color side) is Medium Grain whetstone #1000: For most typical, everyday Hocho damage. It is the most versatile one.

2. One White Fine Grain Whetstone #3000 in a wooden box: Both sides for fine tuning and a super-sharp finish.

1 Wooden Water bucket
1 wooden ladle
2 bottles of special samurai sword oils to lubricate the samurai sword blade while sharpening and honing
All items fit into special wooden box with Masahiro samurai swords seal burned onto cover!
Recommended for experienced Swordsman only!

No instructions included.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase samurai swords or this item

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Item # jmassk
Forge Suggested: $139.00
Our Low Price: $99.99

FREE shipping on all samurai swords at our store !

Price: $99.95


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